Our Products

All items can be quoted for shipment free of charge to consignee’s address. Goods can be shipped in bulk or packed. Company’s commercial structure is GMP+ certified. Complete traceability of entire goods flow.

Quality Wheat

  • E-wheat
  • A-wheat
  • B-wheat
  • spelt
various quality grades, pure grade varieties such as Monopol, Bussard and Akteur


  • rape seed
  • sunflower seed (black and striped)
  • linseed

Feed Grain​

  • wheat
  • barley
  • rye
  • triticale
  • oats (various quality grades)


  • peas (green and yellow)
  • special peas for food and feed
  • field beans / broad beans / faba beans
  • sweet lupines
  • chick peas

Brewing grain​

  • malting barley
  • malting wheat
  • malting rye