The certification of sustainable biomass and thus the compliance with certain sustainability criteria has long since ceased to affect only the biofuel industry, but is also playing an increasingly important role in the food and feed industry and in the material use of biomass. Since 2015, REDcert² has been available as a certification system for sustainable agricultural raw materials for processing in the food and feed sector as well as for the material use of biomass. New certificates issued annually confirm this. You can download the certificates from the following links:


Approved by the European Commission by 11th August 2017 as scheme for demonstrating compliance with the sustainability criteria under Directives 98/70/EC and 2009/28/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.

ISCC PLUS Certificate

Annex to the certificate: Sustainable materials handled by the certified site (This annex is only applicable for material handled under the scopes: farm/plantation, point of origin, central office, (farm/plantation or point of origin) first gathering point, processing unit (any type) but not for material that is only traded and/or stored).


Confirms the responsibility to assume that the process will be conducted of trade in straight feeding stuffs to the applicable requirements and conditions of the standard. GMP+ 83 Feed trade, collection, storage and handling of GMP+ FC scheme (based on GMP+ C6) of the GMP+ International, (www.gmpplus.org).